Located 42 miles east of Cincinnati and 68 miles northeast of Lexington, Augusta, Kentucky has been repeatedly recognized for its unique historic charm. In addition to being named one of the 11 most notable landmarks of Kentucky (the only city to be included on the list!), it has also been nationally recognized as one of the best riverfront towns in the United States (CNN.com 20 Jul 2012). In 2017, USA Today bestowed the title "Most Picturesque Small Town in Kentucky." In addition to its stunning view of the Ohio River, Augusta claims an important role in our nation's history with residents who have made significant cultural and artistic contributions. For more info, visit www.augustaky.com.

Riverside Drive, Augusta, Kentucky
Jenny Ann ferry, Augusta, Kentucky

Mains Garden, Riverside Drive, Augusta, KY

Main's Garden, Riverside Drive, Augusta, Kentucky
Baker-Bird Winery, Augusta, Kentucky

Baker-Bird Winery, Augusta, KY

Folk Art Shop, Augusta, Kentucky

Local B&B and Shop, Main Street, Augusta, KY

Jenny Ann ferry, Augusta, KY

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East Riverside Drive, Augusta, Kentucky