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Miss Lily, better known as Leah Frederick, is a professional actor, singer, writer, and multimedia artist with a music degree in Vocal Performance and a deep love for Augusta, Kentucky. Originally from the wrong side of the river (otherwise known as Ohio), Leah came to Augusta by chance in 2008 and moved here by choice that same year.


When her alter ego, Miss Lily, isn't swanning about town entertaining the masses, Leah can be found in her studio, providing voiceovers for commercials, video games, apps, and audiobooks or creating multimedia products such as promo videos, podcasts, and websites. She serves as Director of Marketing and Volunteers at Ohio Valley Manor and is a member of the Augusta Art Guild, the Maysville Players, the Bracken County Historical Society, and the Augusta College Echo Hall Association. A classically-trained singer and a versatile artist, she's usually elbows-deep in one project or another. You can enjoy examples of her work at

Bits & bobs about Miss Lily

  • She was born and raised in Augusta during the Antebellum Age. As a citizen of the Great Commonwealth of 'Kin'-tucky, she is also related to half of the residents within Bracken County.

  • At the tender age of thirteen, she was sent back East to attend "finishing school" at the Mademoiselle Jezabelle's Seminary for Wayward Debutantes. She maintains that her expulsion was the result of an inability to conjugate French verbs (and anyone who claims it had to do with the school's dancing master is a filthy liar!).

  • Miss Lily knows where Betsy Boo buried her gold.  

  • She wears a mourning cockade for her fiancé, Henry, who was a member of General McCook's 9th Ohio Infantry (better known as Die Neuner, since it was composed almost entirely of men of German descent). Henry perished during the Battle of Chickamagua.

  • Miss Lily is exceptionally musical and has been known to entertain her guests with an aria or two. Her favorite composers are Mozart, Schubert and, of course, Stephen Foster.

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