Miss Lily's Twelve Days of Christmas

Dear Diary,

I can hardly credit it but this year's holiday season has inspired a whirlwind of parties, soirees, high teas, galas and balls. Naturally, I am quite aware that nowhere upon Earth could you find a more pleasant and sociable people than my fellow Augustinians. But really! It is a mighty fine thing Mister Riehle is such a fine cobbler as my dancing shoes will, no doubt, require his attentions more than once this month.

There have been no less than twelve holiday gatherings entered in my diary for the thirty-one days of December. TWELVE! A veritable dozen! Unsurprisingly, this has led to the most distressing panic as my attentions are directed to my most pressing priorities. Namely, what am I going to wear?

#christmas #augusta #kentucky #holiday #party #MissLily

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