Fear not, dearest friends...

Your Miss Lily is alive and well and still introducing strangers to the delights to be found in the charming town of Augusta via her walking tours. I have been a woeful correspondent as late and for that, I humbly beg your pardon. Spring offered ceaseless activity as my hometown opened her doors for another season of visitors from near and far. That darling of Inconsistency, Mother Nature, decided to partake of blowing open a few doors herself with an unusually stormy season as well. Nevertheless, high summer is upon us and the river traffic is a sight in itself. A few weeks ago, I received a curious invitation from one of our local watering holes, the Augusta Irish Pub, to serve as hostess for their weekly Trivia Night. Naturally, some high-sticklers might raise a few eyebrows at a proper lady calling upon an establishment that serves spirits but as the child of educators, I found it an excellent opportunity to test the participants' knowledge on certain historical facts. Therefore, I cannot imagine my mother spinning (too much) in her grave. Mistress Lyons, my former instructress in deportment, is another case altogether. She would succumb to the vapors at the first whiff of a good Kentucky bourbon. Proper or not, a grand time was had by all, including yours truly.

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