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Hallow's Eve in Augusta, Kentucky

Autumn has once again arrived upon the banks of my beloved river town. The leaves are changing, the cold wind is blowing, and Augusta is anticipating the arrival of Halloween. And not just for the trick-or-treating or invitations to the many costume parties that are being held!

In earlier times, it was believed that the boundary between our world and the Otherworld thinned and that 'spirits' were particularly active on this date. Well, yours truly isn't likely to forget her own experience visiting the 1811 jail on October 31st a few years back. But I'm hardly alone in boasting of my encounter with beings from the Beyond. Many of my neighbors are happy to share their own ghost stories.

Perhaps it has something to do with Augusta, Kentucky sitting atop an Ancient Indian Burial Mound. Or maybe it's because our town was a hotbed of Underground Railroad activity and the slave trade resulting in the death of innocents. No doubt, the fact that Augusta boasts its own tomb of unidentified Civil War remains from its namesake 1862 battle ensures its fair share of spectral visitors. Whatever the reason, I promise you, Augusta comes alive - in more ways than one - for All Hallow's Eve. And for all our shivers, we wouldn't have it any other way.

#halloween #augustaky #civilwar #kentucky #augusta #haunting

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