Derby Day in the Bluegrass

W.P. Frith "The Derby Day" 1856-1858

It is the first of May, or MAY DAY, here in the great Commonwealth but you won't find any of us Kentuckians dancing around a Maypole like a pack of heathens. Certainly not! We're more keen on the Sport of Kings - namely, horse racing. NAMELY, the Kentucky Derby.

Since 1875, this thrilling event that takes place on the first Saturday in May has held the world entranced. And not only for the horse racing. Since its beginnings on that dusty track in Louisville, this is the day we ladies present to the world our crowning glory. Otherwise known as our most frivolous, deliciously tantalizing hat.

So keep an eye out for my masterpiece in black silk, lace, and peacock feathers as I sip my mint julep from the grandstand. And if you're looking for a tip? Place a tenner on the the three-year old named Mendelssohn. Kentucky bred and named after a famous Romantic composer? Win, Place AND Show!

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